In Dubai the standard of nursery schools, primary and secondary education is generally high, with many different nationality curriculums. You should note that for certain ages, places at popular nurseries and schools are at a premium. Outpost Iraq Dubai therefore urges you to apply for places as soon as possible.

Note that the school week runs from Sunday to Thursday, though hours may vary.

Your HR advisor can advise you on your entitlement for school and/or nurseries fees reimbursement.

Choice of Schools

Dubai offers a wide variety of pre-school and early childhood education opportunities for children aged zero to four years. Because your choice will most likely be based on location in relation to your residence, we recommend that you make your choice for nurseries after you have arrived in Dubai. Outpost Iraq Dubai can provide more detailed information about some of the more popular nursery schools in Dubai used by Shell families.

Many public websites offer information about Dubai schools, but the most comprehensive list of schools is available on the KHDA’s website ( This website also includes an archive of school inspection reports from 2009 to the present, which is a useful resource to inform your schooling decisions. You can also have a look at 

Schools are inspected annually and the resulting school ratings (ranging between Outstanding, Good, Acceptable and Unsatisfactory) and accompanying inspection reports provide a good indicator of the strengths and shortcomings of individual schools. In addition to schools rated as Outstanding, Shell families have also had positive experiences with schools rated as ‘Good’, which may also be worth considering.

Outpost Iraq Dubai can provide you with additional high level information about schools attended by Shell families. Where possible we will endeavour to connect you with families with experience of the particular schools you are considering so that they can provide personal feedback to help you make informed decisions.

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