Dubai has a high standard of healthcare and modern medical facilities, including numerous public and private hospitals and clinics for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill health and injury. Most public hospitals in Dubai offer good quality healthcare, although many expats choose private medical centres.

Health Checks on Arrival

According to regulations of the Gulf Cooperation Council, all expatriates in the UAE must have a medical examination performed at a Government clinic, in order to process residence permits. In addition, irrespective of any health checks performed prior to arrival, it is mandatory to undergo a blood test for residency. Shell medical services in your base country will advise of the required inoculation schedule prior to your transfer to Dubai.

Medical Insurance

Group expatriate staff and immediate family members are covered by Cigna for medical expenses. Employees and dependants will receive a Cigna card upon arrival if they don’t have one already. Your HR adviser will be able to advise you on your medical insurance entitlements.


In case of a medical emergency caused by a serious road traffic accident, a police ambulance will transport the patient (if over 12 years) to the Casualty/Emergency Department of the Rashid Hospital. Children under the age of 12 will be brought to the Latifa Hospital.

Medical Emergency Telephone Numbers:

UAE Police           999

UAE Ambulance    998/999

Outpost Iraq Dubai would recommend that newcomers to Dubai familiarise themselves with their local Emergency Hospital upon arrival and can advise the closest hospital to your residential area during your on-boarding session.

Health Hazards in Dubai

Please be aware that due to the extreme temperatures in Dubai, heat stroke and exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration are the most common medical ailments affecting expatriates in Dubai. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Additionally, widespread construction activities, accompanied by sand and dust from the surrounding desert, can also aggravate respiratory problems.

For a list of hospitals, general practitioners, clinics, opticians, dentists and pharmacies and for the national immunisation schedule for children in Dubai, please see Outpost Iraq Dubai’s Inside Guide.


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