Living conditions in general are very good in Dubai and expatriates find life most enjoyable in this part of the Gulf. 


Expat families can live in any area of Dubai in an apartment, a villa within a compound/gated community or a private stand-alone villa. Most accommodation has access to a swimming pool, either a private one in the garden or as part of communal facilities within the compound or apartment block. These often also include a gym. Pets are not always permitted by landlords, so make sure you find out before signing your contract if you wish to have or bring pets. Depending on your assignment status, Team Relocations can help with your house search.


In Dubai the standard of nursery schools, primary and secondary education is generally high, with many different nationality curriculums. Your HR Advisor can advise you on your entitlement for school and/or nurseries fees reimbursement. Outpost Iraq Dubai can provide you with additional high level information about schools attended by Shell families. Where possible we will endeavour to connect you with families with experience of the particular schools you are considering so that they can provide personal feedback to help you make informed decisions.


Dubai has a high standard of healthcare and modern medical facilities, including numerous public and private hospitals and clinics for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill health and injury. Most public hospitals in Dubai offer good quality healthcare, although many expats choose private medical centres. Outpost Iraq Dubai recommends that newcomers to Dubai familiarise themselves with their local Emergency Hospital upon arrival and can advise the closest hospital to your residential area during your onboarding session.

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For more information about moving to and arriving in Dubai, Dubai's residential areas, schools and nurseries, finding and hiring domestic help, importing and exporting pets, and more, please contact us directly to receive our Guides.


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