Outpost Iraq Dubai is one of approximately 50 outposts worldwide. The organization is staffed by Shell partners and offers inside information and professional services on most aspects of living abroad. It supports employees, their partners and families facing the challenges of global mobility.

Outpost Iraq Dubai provides comprehensive information and advice on global relocation, career development, and repatriation. Together with our dedicated network of volunteers, we strive to contribute to your professional and personal wellbeing.

Outpost Dubai Services:

  • Provide employees and their families with practical information about their current posting.
  • Offer candid and realistic suggestions for families on assignment.
  • Support families in cultural adjustment as they learn to appreciate their new home.
  • Advise on employment, professional development, language and academic opportunities.
  • Manage a network of volunteers in welcoming expatriate families.
  • Organize networking events for both expatriates and repatriates.
  • Hold information morning for all new arrivals.
  • Produce and distribute electronic newsletters.


  • Our weekly "Bulletin", also known as "Pick of the Week", is designed to provide you with reminders of upcoming Outpost Iraq Dubai events for your diary and regular information about classifieds from within our community. It also provides you with our "Pick" of interesting events and activities taking place in Dubai over the coming week, taken from useful websites such as,, and 
  • Our quarterly "Your UAE Newsletter" stems from an exciting new collaboration between Outpost Iraq Dubai and Outpost Abu Dhabi. Every newsletter covers a different theme, from food to music to life outdoors, and features all that is happening in Outpost and Shell. It is packed with information about expatriate living in Dubai, office employees and members of the spouse community to get to know better, local arts and entertainment, recommendations, reviews and special reports. It aims to give you an in-depth view of life both in the office and within the rich culture and history of the UAE. 
  • Outpost Iraq Dubai's "Guides" give practical, up to date information on various aspects of life in Dubai - from residential areas to how to obtain a driving license, to importing and exporting pets, everything you need to know about having a baby in Dubai, volunteering, modes of public transport, getting an eGate card, banking, finding schools and nurseries, and more.  
  • "Destinations" is a digital, quarterly Global Outpost Services (GOS) publication. It contains articles written by Shell expats about their lives, experiences and thoughts from locations all across the world. 

Outpost Dubai

Office hours: Sun to Thurs 8:30 to 12:30 Weekend: Fri/ Sat
Languages: English, Dutch.
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