Main provider of landline, mobile and internet services within the UAE. Also provides cable tv packages via associated company "E-vision".

Alternative provider of telecommunication services in the country. Established in 2007 and gradually expanding services.

Pay your electricity and water bills here.

The site to come and pay for your traffic violations

Top-up your road-toll credit here

Pay for any parking fines you have received here.

You may order your taxi online in advance or call them anytime on 04 208 0897

Dubai Airport
Track incoming flights here.


Expat Women
Most used and most popular information bulletin board in the country. For any gender.

Expat Gossip
Same concept as "", but with some different threads.

Dubai Forums
Another bulletin board, only this time, a bit more male in tone and content

Dubai Kidz
Lots and lots and lots of useful information for parents of children. Schools, after school activities, summer camps...


The National
Set up in 2008. Easy-to-read quality newspaper that's a bit more Abu-Dhabi centric than others.

Gulf News
Founded in 1978 as a tabloid, converted to broadsheet format in 1985. Occasionally provocative items. Comprehensive archives section available on-line.

Khaleej Times
Another option for a quality read

7 Days
Unashamedly tabloid, occasionally investigative, sometimes fun. delivered free to most homes in central Dubai.

Business 24/7
Covers business news in the region. Plenty of articles quoting CEO's and government ministers.

Arabian Business
Comprehensive and authorative coverage of business news in the region.

The official news agency for the Emirates. Plenty of information about the movements of, and comments from, the country's rulers.


Ella Mart
Formerly "". Thousands of products available for home delivery ranging from biscuits to television sets.
The UAE (and Jordan and Saudi Arabia's) eBay.

Dubai Donkey
A local classified site that's free to private and business users. For jobs, accommodation and cars.

A lot of classifieds, some community information and a number of restaurant / club reviews


Dubai Explorer
THE most comprehensive reference resource. There's a book and a website. Both provide a huge amount of information ideal for the resident in Dubai

Lonely Planet
Basic information for travellers

Time Out
What to do, where to go, when to do it, buy tickets for it

Yellow Pages
Search for businesses contact details online